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Pakistan in the List of Top 10 Countries in Access to Electricity

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Surprisingly, Pakistan is in the top ten list of those countries that have access to electricity.

The World Index has compiled a list of all the nations of the world that provides maximum supply of electricity to its citizens.

For listing the countries, the Index has used the data from the report of World Bank which was published back in the year 2016.

Pakistan as per the list stands right beside the developed nations like Canada, China, the United States of America, Brazil and other European nations that have hundred percent supply of electricity.

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99 percent of the Pakistani population is using electricity which is remarkable and astonishing at the same time as now and then we hear the tag “electricity or power crisis” with Pakistan.

Pakistan shares the same percentage of electricity supply (that is of 99 percent) with Columbia indicating that 99 percent of their residents enjoy access to electricity.

It is pertinent to mention that nations like India, South Africa and Philippines have fallen far behind from Pakistan with percentages, 84, 84 and 91 respectively.

Other nations that were mentioned in the list includes:

Mongolia—82 percent
Bangladesh—76 percent
Nigeria—59 percent
Kenya—56 percent
Ethiopia—42 percent
Tanzania—33 percent
Uganda—27 percent
Niger—16 percent
South Sudan—9 percent

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