Pakistan has moved one spot up in the recent International Cricket Council (ICC) world rankings and secured the 5th place after England, India, South Africa, and New Zealand.

As Pakistan has gained one position higher Australia has been dropped to 6th spot, this happened the first time in the history of 34 years that Australia has lost its control over ODI ranking, Australia has never been as weak as it is now.

However, there are still hopes for Australia and worries for Pakistan, if Australia performs well in the remaining fixtures of current ODI series they will be able to regain better position and to replace Pakistan they just need one win in three games remaining.

Currently, Pakistan and Australia both are sitting at 102 ratings while Pakistan has fewer points. Australia will have to lose all the 3 games to let Pakistan stay at number 5 which is unlikely to happen.

Sarfaraz becomes the most successful T-20 captain for Pakistan

Therefore, Pakistan may not be able to maintain 5th position for a long time, but if the country performs well in Triangular series in July and beat Australia head-to-head then the country would be able to maintain 5th position for a longer period.

Australia has been awful in the ODIs for the last few years as the country has won only two games out of the last 15.


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