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Pakistan Imposes Duties on Russian and Canadian Products

Russian and Canadian Products

Pakistan has imposed duties on the Russian and Canadian products.

The country has placed provisional anti-dumping duties on cold-rolled coils or strips or sheets from Russia and Canada for 4 months, as per the National Tariff Commission last week.

The commission said that a provisional anti-dumping duty at the rate of 13.94percent of the C&F has been imposed on the steel products. It further read that the duty has been imposed after it determined that the domestic industry suffered material loss owing to the significant surge in the volume of the dumped imports.

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The investigation was carried out after an application was filed by the Aisha Steel Mills and International Steels, both these firms are based in Karachi.

The commission would be making its final decision nearly 180 days later after its preliminary findings were published, which should be around 20th March 2020 somewhere.

Pakistan has got a steel-producing capacity of 8.5 million mt/year to 9 million mt/year, as per the data from the National Steel Advisory Council of Pakistan.

During the fiscal year 2017-2018, the overall steel imports were 8 million mt, out of which 5.3 million mt was raw and 2.7 million mt was in the form of finished products.

The import of flat steel reached 2.22 million mt in FY-2017-2018, somewhat higher from 2.21 million mt a year before.

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