Pakistan has second-highest per capita intake of Trans Fats (TFA) in the World

According to a report, ‘Assessment of Dietary Risk Factors Associated with NCDs in Pakistan and Strategies to Reduce their Burden,’ Pakistan has the world’s second-highest per capita consumption of Trans Fats (TFA).

The report will be presented at an event co-hosted by the Ministry of National Health Services, the World Health Organization, and Heartfile.

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Strong action must be taken to reduce or completely eradicate the high content of trans fats, sugar, saturated fats, and salt in food products, as per the report. The compounds are the main dietary risk factors for mortality connected with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

540,000 deaths annually occur in the world due to industrially-produced trans fats (TFA), as per the statistics. Due to the high intake of the fats, the TFA-associated mortality rate can be higher in Pakistan.

In 2019-2023, one of the priority targets for WHO is to eliminate TFA from the food supply. Thus, the Ministry of National Health Services in collaboration with WWHO made the decision to assess the diet-based risk factors contents connected to NCDs in processed foods.

The study aimed at finding out the dietary sources of industrially-produced trans fats, saturated fats, sugar, and salt in Pakistan. An estimate revealed that the salt intake by Pakistanis is twice that of the suggested 5g/person/day value. This causes high blood pressure and can lead to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

Thus, it is important that Pakistani authorities and the people, in general, avoid the use of Trans Fats in their diet.

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