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Pakistan Has Neither Ended Pension Nor Changed the Retirement Age

Retirement Age

The federal government has refuted all the rumors circulating about the changes in the retirement age and about the ending of the pension funds.

There was news on social media that the government has ended its pension scheme and would also be reducing the retirement age.

The news was but announced as fake and misleading by the Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ali Muhammad Khan in a session of the Senate on Friday.

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The clarification was offered when a calling attention notice was passed in the Senate. The notice was moved by Senator Rehman Malik and Senator Mir Kabeer Shahi.

Senator Shahi said that the pensioners already just get between Rs.12,000 to Rs.14,000 and even this amount is not given to them then this would put them in a very bad position.

To this, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister responded that the news was just a rumor from social media and there was no amount of truth behind it.

On the other hand, the government of Sindh has changed the admission policy for medical universities.

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