Pakistan’s telecom sector has added roughly 10.6 million new users during the last one year, the total number of mobile phone subscribers has reached 150.24 million in June 2018. Pakistan has added 10.6 million mobile phone subscribers in just one year shows tremendous growth in telecom and internet.

If we drill down to a monthly review of the subscriptions, all four major telecom operators including Jazz, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone have added 8,73,000 users per month to their user base.

According to the statistics released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the number of total mobile phone users recorded 139.75 million in June 2017, the teledensity was 72.35 percent in June 2017, now the teledensity has reached whopping 74.11 percent by June 2018. The teledensity was up by 1.76 percent in one year.

The total number of mobile phone subscribers was recorded at 120.2 million during 2011-12, the total number of subscribers has reached 150.24 million in 2018 recording an increase of 30.04 million subscribers in the last 5 to 6 years.

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Jazz is the largest telecom operator in Pakistan with 55.469 million subscribers recorded in June 2018, Jazz has 52.47 million subscribers in June 2017 adding 2.99 million more subscribers to their network.

Ufone is the second largest telecom network in Pakistan in terms of subscribers base, the company has 18.397 million users in June 2017 which increased to 20.314 million by June 2018 adding 1.717 million more subscribers in last one year.

Telenor Pakistan had 40.804 million subscribers in June 2017; the company has added 2.76 million more subscribers to their network reaching 43.564 million in June 2018. A large portion of subscribers came as a result of Telenor’s 4G network and effective marketing campaigns.

China Mobile Pakistan Zong also added 1.806 million more subscribers this year, the company has jumped from 28.084 million subscribers in June 2017 to 30.89 million subscribers in June 2018.

Jazz has won the race of adding more subscribers to the network, the company has added the most subscribers in the last year with 2.99 million more subscribers to the network.


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