Pakistan Government Bans VIP Protocol at the Airports

VIP protocol that is given by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to known influential figures at the airports is now banned by the government of Pakistan.

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Pakistan Government Ban VIP Protocol at the Airports.

Interior Ministry has given directives to all the officials related to the agency’s immigration wing to make sure that no VIP protocol is given at the airports to any figure.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said, “We have decided to strictly implement the decision to provide equal opportunities to all travelers without any discrimination.”

Adding, “We have seen that influential people used to seek the assistance of FIA officials at airports who accompanied them to promptly clear their luggage.”

VIP Protocol is mostly given to the political figures, legislators, judges, journalists, army officials and bureaucrats. Now if FIA is unable to follow the government’s order it will face strict action. The warning has been issued to FIA by the Ministry.
At the airports, immigration counters will be monitored and it will be seen that no VIP is given special treatment. If they are given the whole immigration staff and the in charge official will be suspended immediately.

It was seen that in the old Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad the VIP lounge was still used by the influential figures. They were given VIP protocol as their luggage was being cleared at the airport.

But in the newly established Islamabad International Airport there is no lounge, thus all travelers have to follow the normal procedure to reach their destination.

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