Pakistan General Elections 2018 – In Pictures & Videos

Here are some of the best pictures of Pakistan General Elections 2018 till now. 

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Former COAS Gen R Raheel Sharif standing in Line to cast his Vote

Imran Khan casted his vote. Here is his picture

Shehbaz Sharif vote

Bilawal Bhutto Voted.

Chief Justice of Pakistan voted in Lahore.

Hamza Ali Abbasi vote to PTI

Urwa Hocane voted for Imran Khan

Some of the best pictures that should motivate all of us to go out and cast our vote.

“The coming together of Naya Pakistan where an older generation knows how important their vote is for the next generation. This amazing 90-year-old voter was hospitalized a few days ago, But insisted to come out and for Imran Khan and PTI.”

And this picture speaks for itself.

“Meet my Dadi Maa, she’s 100 year old(MA), migrated from India few years after partition. She can’t walk, her eyesight is so weak that she can’t even see properly but today she insisted that she wants to vote so we took her to our old neighbourhood where she casted her vote!”

Elections 2018. Voting for a better democratic Pakistan”

Long lines outside polling stations

The overall environment

Banners and flags of different political parties ahead of elections, in Karachi, Pakistan.

Authorities facilitating the public

Videos of the whole Election Environment

Outside Polling Station

Those of you who are still sitting at homes, let us go out and vote for Pakistan.


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