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Pakistan general elections 2018 commence today—Statistics

Today 25th of July 2018 is a big day in Pakistan as general elections commence today, Pakistan general elections 2018 is the third democratic election in a row which never happened in the history before.

There are 105.96 million eligible voters this year, Pakistan has printed 220 million ballot papers for the general elections 2018. The number of total polling stations recorded throughout the country stands at 85,307, the total number of candidates recorded at 11,678, out of which 3675 candidates are contesting for 270NA seats and 8,895 candidates are contesting for provincial seats. Total of 137 seats is required at the center to form the government. The total number of national assembly seats is; 39 KP, 141 Punjab, Sindh 61, FATA merged recently in KP has 12 and capital territory Islamabad has 3 seats.

There are 120 registered parties in Pakistan, the current largest party is PML-N and emerging largest party is PTI. There is a strong contest between both largest parties, however, statistics show that PTI has upper hand in current elections.

Young Pakistani voters look charged in elections, the local news channel reported that 40 percent of the voters fall below the age of 35. Women also have a big turnout, since there is a strong contest between various parties nothing can be said who will win the election and form the government.

The polling ends by 6:00 pm PKT after that the results will start coming out, it would take another day to know exactly who has got the crown on their head to become the ruling party of Pakistan.