Pakistan General Elections 2018: 105.95 million Voters registered – Research Snipers

Pakistan General Elections 2018: 105.95 million Voters registered

According to figures released by Election Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan has currently 105.95 million voters to cast their votes in upcoming general elections 2018.

Out of 105.95 million voters, 59.22 million voters are male while 46.73 million of voters are female.

Punjab has the most number of voters with 60.67 million voters in the province including 26.99 female voters. Sindh has the second highest number of voters with the total of 22,39 million voters who have registered themselves to cast their votes out of which 9.95 million are female voters.

KPK is the third largest vote bank with the total number of voters standing at 15.31 million out of which 6.6 million are the female voters.

After the census 2017, the total number of National Assembly seats has been increased and the data indicates that females have shown greater interest to be registered as voters, the data also indicates the higher turnover of female voters during the elections 2018 as compared to the previous elections.

The dates for general elections 2018 has already been decided which is the last week of July 2018.