Pakistan football exports increased by 8.53 percent during the first quarter

Pakistan’s sports products industry is one of the reputable industry in the world, but due to lack of government support for businesses this business is facing severe challenges in today’s competitive business environment.

However, not at the favorable pace, the Industry is still improving. Pakistan has earned $37.808 million from exporting footballs during the first quarter of the current fiscal year 2017-18 which saw an increase of 8.53 percent as compared to the previous period last year.

According to the data acquired from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the country was able to earn $34.837 million by exporting footballs during the last fiscal year 2016-17.

If we talk about quantity, total football exports surged by 19.91 percent during the period July-September (2017-18) as compared to the previous period July-September (2016-17).

As many as 92,52,000 footballs were exported during the first quarter of the current fiscal year as compared to exporting as many as 771,6000 footballs during the same period last year.

2017 was the year of Pakistan Cricket

Similarly, on the year-on-year basis, football exports from Pakistan have increased by 18.74 percent in September 2017 as compared to the corresponding period of the last year. Total football export revenue was recorded $7.830 million in September 2016 whereas it was recorded $12.296 million in September 2017.

Pakistan made footballs are loved around the globe, in FIFA world cup 2014 Pakistan produced and supplied Adidas Brazuca balls for the event, also in several events Pakistan had been supplying official match balls. Pakistan can go beyond the limits for producing sports goods if careful attention and support are provided by the government, the industry has a potential to generate 10 times more revenues than the current export revenue.

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