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Pakistan Extends Airspace Ban on All Transit Flights Until June 15

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 Pakistan has extended the airspace ban on all the transit flights until the 15th of June. A notice has been issued on Wednesday which reads that Pakistan has extended the ban on the use of its airspace until the 15th of June.

As per the earlier issued notice, the ban was to continue until the 30th of May.

The decision of extending the airspace ban has led to flight cancellations, delays and increasing ticket prices as Pakistan lies in mid of a significant aviation corridor.

International airlines using the Indian airspace have been urged to take the costly routes as they cannot fly over Pakistan and this has affected mainly on the flights from Europe to Southeast Asia.

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Air India—the national carrier of India has also witnessed a daily loss of Rs.5crore to Rs.7crore owing to the added fuel expenses and longer routes, as per The Hindu.

The ban has been in place since the Indian violation of the international border, which was done in the month of February this year.

On the 26th of February, India launched airstrikes in Pakistan territory, when Indian air force planes tried to enter Pakistan’s air space. Pakistan Air Force took immediate action and the Indian fighter jets were shot down.

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