Pakistan Exported $413.1 Million to the US in October 2020

Pakistan Exported $413.1 Million to the US in October 2020 – last year the recorded value of export was $374.75 million during the same month.

Pakistani products

Besides COVID-19, Pakistan maintained its position in exporting goods to the US. This year, the country’s export to the USA was recorded at $413.1 million whereas, during the same month in 2019, the recorded export was $374.75 million.

After the USA, the UK scored the place to be the destiny for Pakistan’s export. The recorded export to the UK in October was $200 million.

China came to the third position where Pakistan successfully exported $132.84 million worth of goods.

Next in the line came UAE and Germany, where the recorded value of export goods was $126.47 million and $126.2 million respectively.

Afghanistan and Italy followed all these countries where the export value of the goods from Pakistan was valued at $86.59 million and $62.3 million respectively.

The data scores were shared by the State Bank of Pakistan and based for the month of October.

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