Pakistan Exploring New Markets For Export Of Poultry Products

The government of Pakistan wants to expand the export of its meat and dairy products. The focus is on Global Halal Food Trade to explore new markets and further dimensions for boosting meat industry of the country.

There are many Muslim countries that depend on imported halal meat from Pakistan. Now in order to increase export further Pakistan dairy industry needs to focus on new, modern innovative slaughter houses that can compete with the international market for frozen meat.

Now the government along with the meat sector is focusing its attention on expanding itself in Russia, China, South Africa, Egypt, Hong Kong and Indonesia for export of meat and meat products.

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Also, UAE has removed the ban on importing dairy products from Pakistan. Not just this Friesland, Netherlands-based multinational company has taken over 51% of Engro Food Pakistan shares. This is the biggest investment by a private company in poultry industry of Pakistan. It amounts to $450 million. Whether this would improve Pakistan export of dairy products or not, time would tell.

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