Pakistan establishes a Cyber Security Wing to counter cyber terrorism threats

Pakistani government

The National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) has developed a Cyber Security Wing on latest technologies in order to come up with effective cybersecurity strategies and to counter emerging cyber terrorism threats.

The wing is named Cyber Security, Information and Communication Technology Wing (CSICT), the body has taken a number of initiatives in cybersecurity, the most prominent is the campaign Tat’heer to curb extremist ideologies.

According to NACTA, Tat’heer is a comprehensive cyber counter-terrorism strategy focused on the radical content available on the internet and on social media. The campaign helps in developing evidence-based counter-terrorism measures.

Another Tat’heer initiative is for Android and iOS apps for mobile usage, the apps are developed for the public in order to let them report any extremist content or hate speech in audios, videos, images, and texts they come across on the internet.

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NACTA is also focused on social media by launching social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. The app ensures its social media presence by allowing people to access portals as well as mobile apps to report materials.

The NACTA has also revamped its older sites into state-of-the-art website portals that are secure with very slim chances of hacking. The Web Portal is responsive, interactive and based on modern technologies in order to cater the needs of all stakeholders locally and internationally.

Another initiative by NACTA is the National Action Plan (NAP) portal. The government has tasked NACTA to view the progress and implementation status of the 20-points NAP. In order to complete this task, the CSICT Wing has established a web-based application named NAP portal. NACTA has provided all stakeholders of the NAP with access to the portal, all the stakeholders will update the progress and implementation status of the NAP on regular basis, additionally, NAP portal will allow all stakeholders to receive and collate the updates real time.

NACTA has also developed a Management Information System (MIS) for the organization which will serve as a comprehensive database for managing records. Records pertaining to human resources finance and administration would be automated in this system electronically.

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