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Pakistan Elections 2018 – Voter Registration Deadline is April 24th

If you are a registered voter with Election Commission of Pakistan, great, but if you are not, get yourself registered as the last date for registration is April 24th.

Till now there are 104,267,581 registered voters in Pakistan and you can join them now.

Those of you who received their CNICs from 2013 to 2018 are already registered as voters. 8,100,000 new voters were added in this time period but you can verify your registrations through SMS or/and by visiting your relevant District Election Commissioner’s office.

For verification through SMS, send your CNIC to 8300 and check your registration. An automated message will be sent to you having registered name of your electoral area, block code along with serial number will be sent.

Also to confirm your vote registration, you can visit the District Election Commissioner’s office where the final list of the electoral roll is available.

How to get registered?

In order to get registered as a voter, visit the polling station in your constituency with your CNIC on election day.

Election Commission of Pakistan has 14,487 display centers all over Pakistan. You can get your name enrolled by visiting these display centers along with your CNIC and application form.

The application form can be downloaded from here

Or it can be obtained through district election commissioner office, the registration officer or assistant registration officer.

If you are registered but some your info does not match the information on your CNIC, fill this form here

Then submit this form to ECP display center or local or regional district office.

Furthermore, if your vote is registered but showing in the wrong area fill this form

If you feel that your vote is registered fine but someone else’s shouldn’t have been registered. Fill this form

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