Pakistan Develops 2 New Varieties of Banana

2 New Banana Varieties

Pakistan has developed 2 new varieties of bananas, as the top agricultural research institute of Pakistan has worked on it and has led to this breakthrough development.

As per the shared details, the new varieties — NIGAB-1 and NIGAB-2 — will boost banana production in the country, which will further help in meeting domestic requirements as well as export targets,” said Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Chairman Dr Muhammad Azeem Khan. He lauded the scientists involved in the development of NIGAB varieties.

According to details, the new varieties of banana were developed at the National Institute for Genomic and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) of the National Agricultural Research Centre, where 300,000 disease-free plants have so far been developed through tissue culture.

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These high-yielding varieties will have more shelf life, which is a basic requirement for export.

The two varieties have been granted approval by the Sindh Seed Council for commercial cultivation in the province, which is the largest grower of the fruit in the country.

Bananas are the world’s most exported fresh fruit with the volume of $10 billion per year. They are a major source of income for thousands of rural households in developing nations. However, agrochemical-intensive production along with declining producer prices has given rise to many environmental and social challenges.

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