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Pakistan Denies India’s Request to Open Airspace for PM Modi


Pakistan has denied opening its airspace for the Indian Prime Minister—Narendra Modi for his trip to Germany.

The Indian government requested for the opening of airspace of Pakistan for Modi’s Germany trip.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi—the Minister of Foreign Affairs made the announcement in a video message that the Indian PM’s aircraft, Air Indian One would not be allowed to enter the airspace of Pakistan and the Indian High Commissioner has been given a briefing of the decision.

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He unveiled that Pakistan had been asked by the Indian government to allow PM Modi to fly over Pakistan for his trip to Germany on the 21st of September as well as for his return to India that is on the 28th of September.

The minister said that considering the situation in the occupied Kashmir and the behaviour of India, including the aggression and violence and the denial of rights in Kashmir, Pakistan has taken the decision of not giving permission to the Indian Prime Minister. He added that the decision has been conveyed to the Indian High Commissioner

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