Pakistan Declared High-Risk Country for Media Pluralism

The Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) Pakistan conducted a collaborative research study in which it was revealed that Pakistan is a “high-risk country” for media pluralism.

The study claims that the Pakistani media is concentrated in just a few hands.

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 The executive director of Freedom Network Iqbal Khattak said, “This means Pakistan needs more broad-based media ownership to ensure greater diversity in news sources.”

In order to conduct this study, a researcher’s team worked for 8 months to recover and analyze all the available data from official and non-official sources. The sources included the government, media houses, and their owners.

Ten indicators were used to assess the country’s risk to media pluralism. These included media audience concentration, cross-media ownership concentration, regulatory safeguards, political control over media outlets and net neutrality.

According to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, there was just one state-owned TV channel and one radio station in Pakistan till 2002. But now in 2019, Pakistan has 88 TV channels and 209 radio stations. Thus, Pakistani media has grown in size.

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