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Pakistan Decides To Tighten The Relaxed Visa Policy For Chinese Nationals

Ministry of Interior decides to tighten the relaxed visa policy to Chinese nationals. This tightening is especially for Chinese that want to come in Pakistan on work-visa.

Now only those Chinese nationals can get work-visa who present a document from any known company working at any of Pakistan’s missions in China. Also the Ministry has decided to reduce allocating long duration visa’s to Chinese citizens.  Moreover security clearance would be reviewed for issuing visas to Chinese citizens.

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Reason for tightening Visa policy:

  • Reduce loopholes
  • Ensure maximum security given to Chinese nationals visiting Pakistan
  • Ensure maximum transparency in visa procedure
  • Avoid misuse of relaxed visa policy between Pakistan & China

Nadra has been ordered to accelerate consolidation of information available on Chinese citizens currently present in Pakistan and share that data with security agencies to ensure maximum security. Information on Chinese working on CPEC projects and other projects should be shared in detail.

Who would be given visa now in Pakistan from China?

To those who have  invitation or letters certified  by a known chamber of commerce and industry along with letter from commercial attachés and other working officers of Pakistan set abroad for advancement of business activity.

Extension to business visa:

Granting extension of business visa to Chinese nationals in Pakistan is to be withdrawn. The cases of extension would be dealt by IMPASS headquarters in Islamabad. IMPASS DG is allowed to grant three month extension to visa while further extension would be monitored by interior ministry.

For projects that are government sponsored like CPEC, maximum one-year multiple-entry work visa would be issued. Further extension would again be in the hands on Ministry of Interior.