Pakistan Decides to Develop its Own Messaging App

messaging app

 Pakistan has taken the decision of developing its own messaging application, which would be incorporating all the modern communication features likes voice calls, messages, and videos. The decision has been taken amid the new policy update of WhatsApp that has raised security concerns.

As per the shared details, the app will be developed by the Ministry of Information Technology and IT experts. The work on the project will start after getting approval from the federal cabinet.

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The app would ensure complete protection of the people’s data and messages while the user’s personal information will not be shared with anyone as well.

The users will be able to register with the app using their mobile and CNIC numbers, as per the IT ministry.

Bakhabar Savera, IT Expert Fawad Riaz hailed the decision and said that Pakistan should have developed its own locally made messaging app earlier.

“Pakistan should have focused on its local economy earlier and promoted its locally-developed apps,” he said and added world will only look towards us [Pakistan] when we would develop our local domestic market.

According to IT ministry, in the initial phase, the app will be launched in major cities after being developed on an experimental basis.

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