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Pakistan Day: Abdul Basit Screening a Documentary on Pak-China Trade Routes in New Delhi

23 March: While the country is celebrating Pakistan Day with joy and honor, our neighbors seems to think otherwise. India has already opposed the new Pak-China trade routes. It’s their utter belief that this trade route is a threat to their sovereignty. Where China and Pakistan, both have confirmed that these new trade routes would strengthen the economy of every nation taking part in these new reforms.

The occupied Kashmir also showed its interest in taking part in the trade. They believe that this trade route is one big step for Kashmiris to grab more opportunities and also a way to show their existence.

CPEC will bring new opportunities

To build a stronger trust and clear an air of threats, the high commissioner of Pakistan to India, Abdul Basit, has screened a documentary on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), in New Delhi on Pakistan Day. A huge number of guests attended the ceremony.

Abdul Basit, who’s been serving as a High Commissioner of Pakistan, is also in favor of Kashmir’s freedom. He raised his voice supporting Kashmir on Pakistan Day and praised their unstoppable efforts for their right to freedom.

Whereas, the Indian government seems to unhappy not only with the progress of Pak-China trade routes but also with Abdul Basit’s speech in favor of Kashmir. ‘#BoycottBasit‘; the new hashtag opposing Abdul Basit was seen on media screens while he was addressing to his guests on Pakistan Day.

Where the clashes have always been on high side between the two nations, the citizens of both nations are often found thinking the other way. A young Pakistani girl recently wrote a peace-creating letter to PM Narendra Modi.

Letter to Modi

CPEC would create new trade zones and is believed to be a ‘game changer’ project