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Pakistan cultivated hybrid rice over 800,000 hectares of land across the country

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In order to boost the local output of rice production, Pakistan has cultivated the hybrid rice over 800,000 hectares of land across the country.

Pakistan is focusing more on agriculture to fetch foreign exchanges via exports and rice is one of the popular options to do that, the hybrid rice cultivation will give boost to local production as well as the income of small-scale and medium landholders, the area cultivated for hybrid rice is increasing gradually and it will replace the traditional seed cultivation, said Member Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), Dr. Muhammad Yousaf.

There was a significant increase in hybrid rice across the country during the current season, the increase shows that the cultivation will expand more in the next season. The rice had been cultivated over 2.8 million hectares to produce 7.4 million tonnes of rice during the current season, he added.

60 percent of the rice was consumed locally while 40 percent was exported from this cultivation. He also informed that a delegation from China expert on hybrid rice would visit the country next month to train local scientists for the development and promotion of hybrid verities and the crop sowing area, this will also help to boost the local production.

Going into the details of the training sessions he said, the first batch of 40 scientists have been selected for the training from the country. Pakistan has signed a MoU with China for the promotion and development of hybrid rice in Pakistan and supporting local scientists for this purpose.

Pakistan has already fetched $2.073 billion by exporting 4.106 million tonnes of rice in the last 12 months of the previous fiscal year 2017-18. The exports were increased during this year as compared to the previous year when the exports fetched $1.606 billion by exporting 3.523 million tonnes.