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Pakistan Could Produce Dramas Like Ertugrul; Says Humayun Saeed

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Humayun Saeed- the famous actor and producer of the showbiz industry of Pakistan feels that its time that the Pakistani drama industry produce shows on the Islamic history. He said this is only possible with the assistance of the government.

In an exclusive interview with, the actor seemed impressed with the Turkish drama series. He said that it had been 30 or 40 years that we have come up with such a show.

Humayun Saeed was referring to the Pakistani dramas like Babar, Akhri Chattan, and Tipu Sultan. All of these underlined the conquests of the Muslim rulers.

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Humayun Saeed said that he could produce such shows but the issue is that shows like Ertugrul need massive financial investments. He indicated that the Turkish soap Ertugrul was made with the financial assistance of the Turkish government. He said that if the government of Pakistan supports him or any other producer who is potential enough, Pakistan can also produce such shows.

Humayun Saeed’s latest drama Meray Paas Tum Ho was an instant hit and was loved massively. People even rushed out to the cinemas to watch its last episode. He shared that he is still working on a few projects but it is hard to forecast that which of the projects would end up becoming the blockbusters.

The actor said that one cannot plan a blockbuster movie or a drama but one could put effort into every project.

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  1. Aah, its too late to think about that. Our current drama actors and directors are busy in portraying “love affairs” those sometimes turned into reality or flirt too. That is what you people can do at present.

    You can’t compete Qasim Jalali, Zaheer Khan, Nisar Hussain and others similar icons.

    Keep on exhibiting shit.

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