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Pakistan Collaborating with Hollywood For A New Supernatural Thriller

new supernatural thriller

The directors from Pakistan and the filmmakers of Hollywood are joining hands for the very first time ever for the making of a new supernatural thriller.

The filmmakers of the East and the West are collaborating to work on the supernatural movie, which is dubbed as Djinn. A new production house—Wingman Films is going to enter into the business by producing this multicultural concept project.

Ali Murtaza—Pakistani producer who is occupied these days with the project The Legend of Maula Jatt, shared the details of the upcoming attraction Djinn. He mentioned that the movie would be based on a 17-year-old hero from the northern areas of Pakistan. The boy would be shown struggling for recovering the lost stones for keeping the world intact and being taken over by the jinns. Because of this reason the show would be featuring the episodes from the United States and China in its first season.

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Murtaza while giving details about the project said that the story originates from Pakistan as this is a new legend for the global audiences. He added that people are interested in supernatural and horror stories, however, the cultural myths circulating the djinns would break new ground.

He further added that usually supernatural stories indicate the negative side of the parallel world. Murtaza said that they have spent around 8-10 months on doing research on the different types and kinds of djinns and their traits. The show would be depicting the good side of the djinns.

The series which is targeted for online streaming platforms like Amazon and Netflix is now in the advanced stages of pre-production and a probable cast has been set that includes Katheryn Winnick, Bryce Dallas, Emily Blunt and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Murtaza further disclosed that none of the roles have so far been allotted to the cast and that he and other producers are working on it at the moment. He added that their partners in the US would be distributing these roles to them.

It is expected that the shooting of the Djinn would be starting in 2019.

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