Pakistan Collaborates with Saudi Authorities to Provide Zamzam water to Pilgrims

Pakistan government has collaborated with Saudi authorities to provide Zamzam water to Hajj Pilgrims. Under the Al-Zamzami Al Sagheer initiative, Zamzam will be given to Hajjis.

Zamzam water will be stored in five major airports of Pakistan this year by Pakistan Aviation division. The aim is to ensure that effortless and quality service is provided to the pilgrims.

This development was shared by the Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan with a Saudi news outlet. He revealed that this initiative was taken on Ministry of Religious Affairs special instructions.

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As per the minister, ample space has been allocated at the airports for holy water storage. Pilgrims will be given Zamzam water at the time of their departure.

The Minister said, “That way, both Hajj administration and the pilgrims will save time and effort put in to acquire Zamzam water in Makkah among millions of people.”

The minister has said that the Pak government is interested to offer every support to ensure that the “Road to Makkah” project is a success.

“Al-Zamzami Al Sagheer” initiative was launched by Saudi Arabia’s Al-Zamazema Office and Saudi Hajj Ministry for Religious Affairs. It was supervised by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Al-Zamazema office stated, “Saudi Arabia aims to provide the pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom with high quality and efficient services.”

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