Pakistan-China Signed 15 Deals for Promoting Mutual Ties


Pakistan-China has signed 15 deals and memorandum of understandings (MoUs) for mutual cooperation in many fields.

As per the official reports, at the time of signing Prime Minister—Imran Khan and his Chinese counterpart Premier Li Keqiang were there.

Agreements signed were about the poverty alleviation in Pakistan and for enhancing the cooperation in agriculture, industrial sectors and technical training were also made between the two parties. One document was regarding the strategic level talks between the foreign ministries of the two nations.

Pakistan and China signed a MoU for cooperation in the fields of earth sciences, transfer of electronics and forestry.

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Another agreement was made between the Higher Education of Pakistan and Science Academy of China, while one other agreement was signed between the Chinese Academy of Science and Pakistan Meteorological Department.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister was welcomed warmly on his arrival at the Great Hall of the People. An official welcome ceremony was organized on the occasion in honour of the prime minister of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister—Imran Khan described Xi as a role model because of his vision and leadership. He said that Pakistan is super impressed by the way China has advanced. He further said that no other nation has dealt with poverty and corruption the way China has done. He added that Pakistan needs to learn more from China’s experience regarding the poverty alleviation and for controlling corruption.

Xi said that he attached great significance to China-Pakistan bonds and is willing to work in unison with the prime minister for strengthening the China-Pakistan all-weather strategic relationship and establish a new era of the China-Pakistan destiny.

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