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Pakistan-China Bond Higher than the Himalayas; Sheikh Rasheed

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Sheikh Rasheed Federal Minister of Railways said that the PM is going to China on Monday in order to discuss the bilateral economic relations and the projects related to CPEC (China Pakistan economic corridor) with the Chinese leaders.

The Minister in a video message praised China-Pakistan’s friendship and said that China has always been a great friend to Pakistan especially in difficult circumstances.

He said that the friendship of both countries is higher than the Himalayas, sweeter than honey and deeper than the ocean.

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The Railways Minister once again said that the state wants to see this country prosper and he also has a firm belief that Imran Khan will pull out the country from economic crises.

While talking about the Kashmir issue, Sheikh Rasheed said that PM Khan would tear down all the plans that Modi has made and would become a role model in the freedom of Kashmir.

Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman wants to clash on the religious and political issues, says the Railway Minister.

During the press conference held at the Railway headquarters, the Minister said that if Maulana staged any protest he would be responsible in case of for the outcomes.

He gave a suggestion to Maulana, to not get involved in any religious sections of the society in agitation against government otherwise it can cause damage to the freedom movement of Kashmir.

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