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Pakistan Census Report 2017 Has Become Controversial

A couple of days back Pakistan census report 2017 was released.  Since 1998, Pakistan’s population has gone up by 57%. Statistically Pakistan’s population is now 207,774,520 from 132,362,279.

The highest population growth rate was recorded in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan. The growth rate of 4.91% was seen in Islamabad. Now the population of the capital is 2,006,572 from 805,235 in 1998.

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The report also suggested that Sindh is the most urbanized province of Pakistan with 52% of people living in cities.  To this result, there was concern shown by PPP’s MPA Senator Saeed Ghani who said that it isn’t possible that 52% of Sindh’s population inhabit in cities. He believes that Punjab is the most urbanized province.

He clearly stated, “It seems that the figures are wrong.”

MQM’s Senator Tahir Mashhadi tweeted “It is obvious that census figures have been manipulated by vested interests in Sindh. Wrong figures have very adverse effects.”

MQM has clearly stated that they reject the census report results and they will start protests in 72 hours.

Farooq Sattar leader of MQM-P said that Karachi’s population shown in the census is 10.6 million whereas, in reality, the population of Karachi is 30 million. He says that MQM-P will protest from Mazar-e-Quaid to Statistics Division or Supreme Court’s Karachi registry.

Khursheed Shah, leader of the opposition has also reservations about the report and he said that there should be a comparison made between records of the Statistics Division and the Pakistan Army.