Pakistan Cement Exports Saw a Whopping Increase of 85 Percent – Research Snipers

Pakistan Cement Exports Saw a Whopping Increase of 85 Percent

In the month of March, Pakistan Cement exports have been increased by 85 percent, the country has also recorded the highest number of dispatches during the last month—Said, All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) on Wednesday.

Going further into the details, the total cement dispatches during March 2018 amounted 4.652 million tonnes, up by 17.33 percent as compared to 3.965 million tonnes in the previous year. The domestic consumption is also increased, 4.260 million tonnes were used domestically and 3.543 million tonnes were only used in the Northern region. However, only 0.717 million tonnes were consumed in the southern region, the local consumption was also up by 13.52 percent.

Pakistan Cement Exports sprouted to 0.392 million tonnes, a whopping increase of 85% higher than the previous corresponding month last year.

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Moreover, Pakistan’s cement exports during the first nine months of the current fiscal year came to total dispatch of 34.758 million tonnes of cement, which was up by 14.70% as compared to the same period last year when Pakistan dispatched only 30.304 million tonnes cement.

Cement exports started improving in the month of February 2018 and still continue to grow, a sudden surge in exports to Afghanistan played a significant role in overall exports. APCMA spokesperson said there is a hope to see a continues growth in the cement sector. Cement industry in Pakistan is the only industry which showed faith in the country and has continued the struggle for its growth.

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The cement industry is the highest contributor to the national exchequer over the last few years, the industry has contributed Rs.110 billion during 2016-17. The Federal Excise Duty (FED) is Rs.62.5 per bag. We request the government to reduce FED to “Zero” and encourage more cement consumption which is affected by higher taxation—he added.

In order to improve exports government should remove the taxes on exported cement encouraging the industry to manufacture and export more cement.