Pakistan Cellular phone subscribers surged to 150.3 million—PTA

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) announced it on Thursday that the number of cellular subscribers across the country has surged to 150.3 million.

The report prepared by PTA on the directions of Chairman Muhammad Naveed to highlight the performance of PTA over the years. The report covers the historical statistics of cellular subscribers in the country, the subscribers surged by 10.5 million during the first 5 months of the current year.

Cellular usage had seen a steady growth over the last 7 years, during 2011-2012 the total number of subscribers stood at 120.2 million which was increased to 127.7 million in the year 2012-2013, an increase of 5.82% in one year.

Later the cellular subscribers hit 140 million the following year, an increase of 9.63 in a year.

The number of subscribers, however, fell due to implementing biometric verification system in Pakistan which largely affected the subscriptions, the companies had to end the subscriptions which were not properly registered previously. This affected a large number of subscribers during 2014-2015 and total number stood at 114.7 million down by whopping 22% in one single year.

But things changed in the following year 2015-2016, the total number of subscribers in this year jumped to 133.2 million from 114.7 million, all-time highest increment in the history of telecom subscriptions in Pakistan. There was an increase of 13.88 percent in this year.

During 2016-2017 the number of subscribers also increased to 139.8 million from 133.2 million previous year, up by 4.72%.

From 2017-2018 the total number of subscribers crossed 150.3 million mark, adding nearly 1 million new users in one year, an increase of 7.51%.

Adding to the report there were 55.5 million mobile broadband subscribers and 57.74 million fixed broadband subscribers in Pakistan.

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