Pakistan Celebrates World Tourism Day

The world celebrates World Tourism Day, promoting their tourism sector and so does Pakistan. The celebration is a step to create a positive image of Pakistan in the world. Programs will be organized by various organizations like Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA), Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) and Motorcyclists Association of Pakistan (MAP).

Bikers rally will be organized in collaboration with WCLA & MAP. Rally will begin from Cavalry Ground and reach Hazuri Bagh, Lahore at around 4 pm. The goal is to boost tourism in Pakistan.

MAP President Adil Lahori said, “Many places which can be tourist sites are lying abandoned in Pakistan, and our association is trying to revive these places by taking bikers and tourists to those sites. The WCLA is playing a vital role in terms of tourism promotion inside the Walled City of Lahore. Previously tourism was limited to the Fort and Badshahi Mosque but now people are taking interest in visiting the streets and other newly conserved monuments, like Shahi Hammam and Wazir Khan Chowk. We are trying our best to work for the promotion of tourism and this rally is one small step.”

Kamran Lashari WCLA DDirector-General said, “We have so much heritage and rich culture to show to the world and this can only be done through tourism. This collaboration with the MAP is a new venture and we should encourage such enthusiastic groups to come forward and help in the promotion of tourism. I appreciate the efforts of MAP members who are constantly bringing in tourists and keeping the heritage alive.”

Also Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab is celebrating the day by organizing an event at Alhamra Art Centre, The Mall.

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Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said: “There is a tremendous potential for growth and progress in the tourism sector in Pakistan and new opportunities of employment and income can be created by promoting tourism at the grassroots.”

Similarly, in Telecom Sector, Telenor celebrates World Tourism Day by telling its consumers to explore Picture Perfect Pakistan and share the beautiful pictures of Pakistan with the world.

The world might be afraid to visit Pakistan, chatter about terrorism may spread, but the mesmerizing beauty in Pakistan can never be denied. From biggest deserts to the largest mountains the breathtaking attractions of Pakistan are simply fascinating.

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