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Pakistan Can Hit Back Harder; Says India Punjab CM

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In mid of the growing tension and aggression between Pakistan and India that has risked the regional peace, the Chief Minister of Punjab, India—Amarinder Singh warned Indian government on Monday that Pakistan would not hesitate to use its nuclear weapons in defense to prevent any misadventure.

As per reports he said that both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers and added that it was not in either nation’s interest to use the weapons of mass destruction.

It is important to mention that Pakistan ahs always said that it is a responsible state and that the nuclear assets of the country are in safe hands.

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On Friday Pakistan released the captured Indian pilot Wing Commander—Abhinandan Varthaman in a gesture of peace by Pakistan to India. The Indian pilot was caught after Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian jets violating the airspace of Pakistan. The decision of releasing the captured Indian pilot was well lauded and appreciated by the world leaders.

As per Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Pakistan is far ahead of India in the strength of nuclear arsenals.

Recently the Qatari Emir talked with the PM of Pakistan on phone and during that conversation he appreciated the peace gesture displayed by Pakistan. He also talked about the urgent need of immediate de-escalation between Pakistan and India.

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