Pakistan can be Transformed into Turkey and Malaysia in five years – Dr. AQ Khan

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the nuclear scientist of Pakistan attended the inaugural session of the four-day-long biennial conference at the University of Karachi. He was the Chief guest of the event. On the occasion, he said that in five years’ time Pakistan can be changed into Turkey and Malaysia.

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Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan said that Pakistan needs to build dams to resolve the water crisis. Along with this it is utmost important that Pakistan looks up at other alternate ways to come out of the economic crisis. Natural resources must be explored. Talent, on merit, must be allowed to come forward.

He said, “We can get the best people who are experts in their respective fields; we just need to utilise their abilities properly.

“As we have learnt, from history, mega construction projects were never completed on time, due to which their cost keeps on increasing. As a nation, we have to carefully use water at homes, industries and agricultural lands to reduce the shortage of natural resource.”

Pakistan Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PSBMB) and Dr. AQ Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (KIBGE) organized the event in Karachi.

Abdul Qadeer Khan is a renowned Pakistani nuclear physicist and a metallurgical engineer. He is known to have founded the uraniumenrichment program for Pakistan’s atomic bomb project. He was the main figurein making Pakistan a nuclear power today.

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