In Pakistan Blue Whale Game Started Claiming Lives But That Is Not True

Blue Whale Game, also known as Blue Whale Challenge is creating hype in Pakistan. The Game itself is run by a ferocious group who trap teen agers to play the game and accept the challenge to complete the tasks eventually landing to a final task of committing suicide.

According to a Russian News Paper, 130 people killed themselves while playing this game in Europe and other parts of the world in the last couple of years.

It was claimed by Tribune that 2 youngsters were admitted to the Peshawar Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) with severe depression after playing the Blue Whale Challenge. SAMAA, on the other hand, claims that 5 people were admitted to the same hospital including one girl who were struck by severe depression due to the game play.

Dr. Imran at the KTH says, the teenagers are in the condition after playing the notorious game, the girl tried to commit suicide as well.

So far none of the people have died or killed him/herself due to this game, but it remains a topic of discussion among teenagers on social media, schools, and universities.

Youngsters should stay well away from this game, it’s not a game at all, it is literally a blackmailing trap, do not even try it for fun and once you downloaded the link your phone is then controlled by the group. Your privacy is intruded and you may not be able to come back from the stage you already have been taken to.

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