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Pakistan Becomes 29th Country with over 500 Reported COVID-19 Deaths


Pakistan is ranked 24th in terms of the most number of coronavirus cases and 29th in terms of having reported over 500 COVID-19 related deaths. During almost the last 5 days around 1000 cases and over 20 deaths are being reported on a daily basis.

If we look at data in Asia, Pakistan is ranked 6th in terms of most number of cases and 8th in terms of the number of deaths.

The data available on the Ministry of National Health Services website reveals that the countries in which most numbers of deaths have reported are the United States with around 70,000 deaths, Italy over 29,000, the United Kingdom over 28,000, Spain 25,000, and India over 1500 deaths respectively.

When we look at China and Iran, the countries that ranked at the top in terms of the number of cases initially, have now just dropped to double-digit ranks.

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According to the Executive Director of the National Institute of Health (NIH) Maj Gen Prof Dr. Aamer Ikram, in Pakistan, things will start improving from next month.

He said, “The curves in the top nine countries, including Italy and Spain, have started straightening. Brazil and Russia are going to become new hubs of coronavirus. The curve will start flattening in Pakistan after May 30.”

He hoped that with the rise in temperature, the number of cases would reduce in the country.

Adding,  “However still the situation is under control and we believe that Pakistan will be able to pass through a difficult time without major damage.”

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