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Pakistan Bars Pilgrims from Visting Iran Amid Coronavirus Fears

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Pakistan has barred the pilgrims from visiting Iran amid coronavirus fears. This ban has come in imposition after more coronavirus deaths were reported in the neighbouring country.

The death toll because of coronavirus in Iran has now reached 6, with 29 people affected by it.

The government of Balochistan has barred the travel of the pilgrims of Pakistan to Iran. There are nearly 100 pilgrims already in Taftan, who are to be brought back to Quetta.

Hundreds of pilgrims travel between the two nations on a per-day basis there are fears that they might bring the highly contagious coronavirus along with them. Pakistan has not reported a single case of the contagious virus so far.

It is being said that coronavirus if not controlled, it would spread to nearly two-thirds or almost sixty per cent of the world population, as per a leading public health epidemiologist of Hong Kong.

This warning came after the WHO’s head’s statement regarding the recent cases of the coronavirus patients who had never paid a visit to China.

In mid of the coronavirus chaos, Pakistan has stood firmly with China. The people of China are expressing their love towards the government of Pakistan for all the support and love that has been extended in their time of need.

On the other hand, as per the latest reports of local media, the Chinese president is likely to visit Pakistan this year in the month of June.

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