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Pakistan Bans Screening of Indian Movies in Cinemas on Eid

The Federal government of Pakistan has banned the screening and exhibition of Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas on both Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, as informed by the sources.

As per the official document, no cinema throughout Pakistan would be permitted to put on any Indian movie shows during the season of Eid.

The Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage, Central Board of Film Censors have issued the notification in which it barred the Pakistani Film Exhibitors’ Association from displaying the foreign movies.

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As per the notification this move has been taken for promoting local movies on the festivals—a time usually when the entire family relaxes and enjoys together and come to cinemas in larger groups. During the Eid season cinemas attract larger crowds and this is the best time for any movie to do maximum business.

The notification barred all the importers and distributors from screening the Indian movies during the two Eids.

This ban would be implemented two days before the Eid day and would be practised until two weeks after the Eids.

Pakistani film producers and artists have this complaint since the past two years that their new films face tough competition from the Indian and Hollywood films and owing to the limited number of screens in the country, the locally produced movies are unable to do much business.

On the upcoming Eid, there are also some Pakistani movies lined up for release.

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