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Pakistan Aviation Installs A Modern Radar System

Modern Radar System

Pakistan has made significant progress in the aviation sector by installing a modern radar system, Mode S, at the major airports quoting the anticipated increase in flights after doubling the airspace routes, as per the reports of local media.

The news came following the official approval of the Air Navigation Plan 2025 by the executive committee of the Civil Aviation Authority-CAA, according to the media reports.

The aviation regulator has commenced implementing the new plan quoting anticipating a surge in revenue of up to 25 to 30percent after surging its airspace routes from 7 to 14 sectors in accordance with the international aviation rules.

The media reports indicated that the aviation sector of Pakistan would be witnessing a sharp surge in the flight numbers especially from the Gulf countries, Canada, Europe and Saudi Arabia.

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It is mentioned that the control towers of the airports of Pakistan are being equipped with modern technology under the plan of air navigation.

Furthermore, the authority has installed a modern system, Mode S for the Secondary Surveillance Radar process, that would be equipping the control towers for the chosen interrogation of planes. In the initial phase, two radar systems have been installed at the Islamabad International Airport and the 4 airports of Karachi.

The Civil Aviation Authority has played a significant role in promoting tourism as per the vision of PM Khan as the institution launched 3,200 positions for ending unemployment. Also, the sources within CAA indicated that the foundation stone of a new airport was laid in Gwadar during this year.

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