Pakistan & Austria collaborates to establish an Educational Institute

Dr. Tariq Banuri Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman and Dr. Brigitta Blaha Austrian Ambassador to Pakistan, in a meeting, announced that they are collaborating for a joint venture between the higher educations commissions of both the countries. An institution will be developed called Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences & Technology (PAF-IAST).

In collaboration with different Austrian institutions, this institute is being developed in the University of Haripur. There are two goals of this institution, one to promote high-quality technical education infrastructure at a tertiary level and two to create a high technology industry.

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Dr. Banuri in the meeting said that there is a need for international joint ventures in the education sector of Pakistan. For economic stability and social growth, education needs to flourish, said the HEC Chairman.

The Austrian Ambassador to Pakistan was welcomed by the chairman as he emphasized that international collaboration would create further opportunities for people of both the countries.

Dr. Brigitta Blaha guaranteed that her office will cooperate with Pakistan to promote academic & research exchange between the two countries. As per Dr. Blaha, presently 41 Pakistani students are pursuing Ph.D. degree from Austrian universities. She said that it is important that the number is increased.

Dr. Banuri praised Pakistani Government highlighting that the Pakistani higher education sector flourished in last 15 years with the government’s utmost help and support. He further said that further advancement is needed in all sectors be it human resource development, boost in basic and applied research or development of university-industry linkage. He said that entrepreneurial culture needs to be encouraged to improve the quality of education.

Dr. Banuri was positive that further cooperation between Austria and Pakistan will create academic linkages and remove barriers that will in turn accelerate growth in the higher education sector of both the nations.

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  1. their is no institute is developed in uoh this program is cancel . but uoh deserve this becoz haripur is most educative district of PAKISTAN

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