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Pakistan at the Top on Facebook’s List for Blocking Posts


Pakistan is found to be among the top countries of the World that have asked the social media giant—Facebook to block certain posts posted within the platform as they were found violating the local laws.

A biannual Transparency Report has been published by Facebook. The report lists the details regarding the transparency related to posts being shared on the social networking site’s platform. This year’s report also encompassed data regarding the reports about unlawful posts being made in the states where Facebook is extensively used.

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As per the report, Pakistan is at the top of the list of the countries which has got controversial Facebook posts/videos breaking the local laws and hence, were accordingly removed from the social media upon the request of the government.

During the span of January to June 2019, the total videos/posts that were barred in the Pakistani boundaries were at a count of two thousand two hundred and three and witnessed an increase of one thousand nine hundred and two from the same period in last year.

The second nation on the list was Brazil having a count of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five restricted videos/posts.

The posts that were removed included the ones found apparently breaking the local laws barring blasphemy, disregard towards the country’s independence and anti-judiciary content.

Facebook has also barred access to eighty-seven items after private reports were filed regarding defamation.

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