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Pakistan Announces to Open Border Crossings with Afghanistan

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The federal government announced on Saturday that it would be opening the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossings at Torkhan and Chaman posts, as per the reports of local media.

As per an issued notification by the Interior Ministry, Chaman and Torkham border crossings will remain open for days a week in order to facilitate the cross-border trade while Saturdays will only be reserved for the movement of pedestrians.

During the days when the border will be opened, an unlimited number of trucks will be permitted to cross on a per-day basis, while making sure that all the issues SOPs for both the Afghan transit trade and Afghan bilateral trade are being followed.

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Previously, on the 8th of April, the Foreign Office spokesperson had said that the Chaman-Torkham border will be opened for 3 days per week.

The spokesperson had said in a statement that the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan will be opened for alternative days in a week from the 10th of April on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. During the day time, the cargo supplies will continue to Afghanistan.

Previously, Pakistan had taken the decision of extending the closure of the border for 2 more weeks owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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