Pakistan and Malaysia Sign 5 ‘Big Projects’ – Research Snipers

Pakistan and Malaysia Sign 5 ‘Big Projects’

For five ‘big projects’ Memoranda of Understanding has been signed between Malaysia and Pakistan. During an informal discussion with the journalists, the Finance Minister Asad Umar revealed this.

On Prime Minister Imran Khan’s invitation the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad is paying a visit to Pakistan for three day along with leading businessmen.

Malaysia has a keen interest to buy JF-17 Thunder fighter jets, halal meat and rice from Pakistan, as per the Finance Minister. The FM said that Pakistan will soon fulfil its end of the agreement and provide Malaysia with anti-tank missiles.

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According to Asad Umar both Pakistan and Malaysia have agreed to open their bank branches in each other’s country. As Pakistan is looking to revive tourism in the country, it can make use of knowledge of Malaysia regarding tourism.

Presently both the leaders are attending the roundtable conference of ‘Pak-Malaysia Business Leaders’.  They address the business leaders of both Pakistan and Malaysia.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, “You say things which other Muslim leaders are scared to say. And it’s because a lot of them are not leaders. They are office-holders. Leaders are the ones who have an ideology, who have a clear stand on moral issues, and who take positions. Unfortunately, non-leaders do not take positions. They want to please everyone.”

Adding, “It’s because of the stands you have taken over the course of a period of time. That’s why there is such a great response to you honouring us on an occasion which is very important for us, March 23.”