Pakistan and India to Replace Gates at Wagah Border before 14th August – Research Snipers

Pakistan and India to Replace Gates at Wagah Border before 14th August

As Imran Khan is set to become the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, he has promised to have a better, changed relation with India. In his victory speech he said that if India will take a step towards Pakistan, Pakistan will take two steps towards India. One change that both Pakistan and India is set to witness soon is that both countries are ready to replace their old gates with new ones installed at the Wagah border.

Both Pakistan and India have started the process to change the gates at Wagah Border. Digging has begun for the installation of the gates. The process will be completed before 14th August 2018. It has been confirmed by Indian security officials that Pakistan and India will replace gates and install similar ones before the set date. The gates were installed back in 1947 when the subcontinent split into India and Pakistan.

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Every day a military practice is conducted at the Wagah Border, where the flags of Pakistan and India are lowered. It is being carried out since 1959. Patriotic songs are played in the background, parade ceremony is conducted, flags are raised on both sides of the gates indicating that along with rivalry between the nations there is a brotherhood, long-lasting history, and cooperation. The ceremony takes place every evening before the sunset at Wagah Border. Hundreds of people visit the place every day and join the patriotic ceremony.