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Pakistan and India Might Work Together to Cope with Coronavirus

It has been hinted by Pakistan that it is working with neighboring countries including India to cope with Coronavirus. This novel virus has spread across 100 countries. World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it a pandemic.

Presently, the number of coronavirus cases both from India and Pakistan are in double digits. However, as per the health experts and WHO, the pandemic can spread if proper measures are not taken to control it.

Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said, “Government of Pakistan is monitoring the situation very closely and will take measures required for the citizens within Pakistan and any assistance we can provide to our neighboring countries.”

Pakistan and India have had tense relations since Feb 2019. If both countries cooperate on this issue, it might help in resolving the tense situation.

Furthermore, the situation has been aggravated by India’s move of revoking the special status of the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir. Since this incident in August, there has been limited almost no official channel of communication between the two countries.

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Aisha said, “It is the primary responsibility of those countries to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Pakistan is also taking all the requisite steps at our borders and airports to ensure the safety of our people and control the spread of Coronavirus.”

Adding, “Pakistan Consulate in Herat has been closed for fifteen days for administrative reasons. Similarly, the consular section of the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul has also been closed for a few days for administrative reasons.”

Adding, “As for the report of the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia, we have seen the report and I have also talked to our ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who is in touch with Saudi authorities to obtain more details.”

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