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Pakistan and China Co-hosts Gwadar Expo

At Gwadar port, Pakistan and China have jointly organized the first international expo highlighting the significance of Gwadar port and its economic free zone as an emerging global business hub.

The Expo was co-arranged by Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) and China Overseas Port Holding (COPH), the expo was attended by various foreign high echelon officials including diplomats, business representatives, entrepreneurs and government officials.

There were around 200 companies from both Pakistan and China that attended the event at Gwadar, additionally, representatives from 6 Chinese provinces were also the attendees of the expo, said Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing. The two-day event at Gwadar was first of its kind initiative in the region to promote the significance of the developing business hub.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister inaugurated the International Gwadar Expo, speaking at the ceremony he said, our primary objective of organizing this exhibition is to bring Gwadar port and free trade zone in front of the world. The exhibition would develop ties of economic and regional cooperation he affirmed.

“The Gwadar project is a clear example of deep relationships between China and Pakistan; it would prove to be a milestone for Pak-China joint economic progress”, said Chinese Ambassador, Yao Jing.

There are more than 200 companies from Pakistan and China are participating in the event, this is to make sure that the first and foremost right to Pakistani resources and water is of Pakistanis, we will continue to assure that Pakistani companies and people should receive prominent positions in promoting this project, said Yao Jing.

Yao Jing encouraged Chinese companies to invest in CPEC projects in Pakistan and showed courtesy to Islamabad for providing support and facilitation.