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Pakistan Among Top 10 Sugarcane Producers in The World

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Pakistan is among the top 10 sugarcane producers in the world with a yearly production yield of 63,800 thousand metric tons (TMTs). It lies on the fifth position in sugarcane production. Before Pakistan, the countries having good production of sugarcane are Brazil, India, China, and Thailand.

Brazil is the topmost ranked country with a production yield of 739,300 TMTs of sugarcane every year.

India lies on the second spot with 341,200 TMTs. On the third position is the Peoples Republic of China with a production yield of 125,500 TMTs and then Thailand lies on the fourth spot with 100,100 TMTs yearly productions.

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Mexico was ranked sixth with 61,200 TMTS, then there was Colombia with 34,900 TMTs, on the eighth spot there was Indonesia with 33,700 TMTs, Philippians lies on the ninth position with 31,900 TMTs and the tenth spot is taken by the United States of America with a production yield of 27,900 TMTs.

Irfan Khokhar—a producer of sugarcane told the APP that the ranking of Pakistan among the top ten sugarcane producing nations indicate that farmers here were getting good production and were industrious despite the adverse circumstances.

He informed that the sugarcane farmers had been facing troubles which as per him needs to be resolved.

He also said that the farmers would be more content if they get the due return of their production without any delay and asked that some system should be introduced and imposed effectively for ensuring it.

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