Pakistan among Least Peaceful Countries in the World


Pakistan is among the least peaceful countries in the world, as per a report by an international think tank ‘Institute for Economics and Peace’. Pakistan has not improved in terms of peace and security as it has slipped by two points in the yearly global index on peacefulness. Among 163 countries, Pakistan ranked at 153rd position.

Iceland stood at the top position, being the most peaceful nation in the world. Syria was replaced by Afghanistan as the most violent country in the world.

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Similarly, our neighbor India also slipped by four points in the yearly global index on peacefulness. India stood at 141st position. The mass atrocity and violence done by India in Kashmir has put India’s position down in term of peacefulness.

India, Philippines, Japan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan are the 9 countries with the highest risk of multiple climate hazards.

In 2019 GPI, Ukraine has shown highest improvement in peace while Sudan has recorded minimal improvement. In Nicaragua, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Iran, and Brazil significant deterioration was seen in peace levels.

South Asian region has the second-lowest rank, just ahead of the Middle East and North Africa in terms of peacefulness. Coming to Europe, it is the most peaceful region in the world.

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