Pakistan Among Countries with Worst Global Reputation

According to new research, countries were ranked as per their global reputation. Pakistan was among the countries with the worst global reputation. Japan was declared the country with the best reputation in the world.

According to TheFutureBrand Country Index 2019, Japan is loved for its kind locals, rich culture, and delightful food. Also, Japan is credited for being environmentally friendly and has a ‘strong export business of culture’.

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The global perception of the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom has weakened. After Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland were ranked in the top 5 lists of countries with the best global reputation.

The countries at the bottom of the rating index in term of their global reputation included Iraq, Ukraine, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Angola, Nigeria, Philippines, and Morocco.

Among 75 countries ranked, Germany was ranked 6th. The rating was based on the prestige of products of the country, environmental efforts, civility of national politics and its attractiveness. FutureBrand Country Index ranks countries on the basis of their “brand” power.

The report stated, “Of the top 10 countries in this year’s Index, Japan has the second-highest number of social media mentions, according to Weber Shandwick’s social listening analysis. The diversity of topics discussed on social media reveals what a multifaceted destination Japan is.”

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