Pakistan Among Countries with the Highest Ratio of AIDs Victims

United Nations has put Pakistan on the list of 11 countries with the highest ratio of AIDs victims. In its latest report UN revealed that there is highest (13%) prevalence of the disease in the country.

During the last decade, this is the highest ratio of HIV prevalence in Pakistan. It has raised concerns among international health partners.

According to UNAIDS-2019 analysis, the world is on track to put an end to the AIDs prevalence by 2030. However, Pakistan is among the countries that have seen a sharp increase in new AID cases. This increase is a blow to the international efforts of curtailing the disease.

In 2010, the average HIV incidence per 1000 people in Pakistan was 0.08. It has increased to 0.11 in 2018.

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Despite granting “massive funding” by global health partners., the situation has aggravated.

It stated that the average HIV incidence per 1000 people in Pakistan was 0.08 in 2010, which had risen to 0.11 last year.

The situation has aggravated despite grant of by international health partners to curtail HIV.

The number of people living with HIV in Pakistan has increased from 120,000 in 2015, 67,000 in 2010 to 160,000 in 2018.

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